New Year, New Fashion

With Christmas ending, the harsh reality of school sets in. The decorations come down and the pencils out. No more sleeping in till noon and going out with friends every night. Although it is extremely depressing that Christmas is officially over, the usefulness of presents have just begun! In every hall, one can spot a Christ Church students flaunting their new Christmas gifts. From booties to bell bottom jeans the Christ Church students received a wide variety of gifts this Christmas.


As I passed through the halls the first new clothing item that immediately caught my eye was sophomore Lilly proudly walking in her new comfy bell bottom jeans. The unique pair of jeans has been on Lilly’s Christmas list for far too long, and this Christmas, her wish was finally granted. These bell bottom jeans are definitely a wardrobe essential because they can easily make an outfit look urban with a hint of retro ’80s vibes. Lilly also received a new pair of gray booties to wear with her new jeans. She decided to top off the outfit with a red flowy shirt that matches her effortless outfit. Lilly entered the school looking chic, and it only took one simple clothing item, bell bottom jeans!

TIP: If your bell bottom jeans are too long, no need to panic you can always wear a short booties that add some heel and height to jeans.


Clothing is not the only noticeable new item noticeable passing through the school. Students also have on glittery warm tones perfect for spice up winter fashion. On Christmas morning, the first thing sophomore Cooper opened was her colorful, pigmented morphe F pallete. When you open the palette there is an array of beautiful colors there is an array of different colors that compliment each other. In the first row, there are white pearl colors, perfect for a base. You can also place a pearl, shimmery color in the corner of the eye. This highlights the eye and help open the eye up.

Tip: If you do not have a highlight for your cheekbones then apply a pearl shade on your cheekbones.


Another makeup item that matches the theme of winter perfectly was Raine’s brown nude lipstick. This neutral, stunning lipstick balances Winter’s cool toned colors, such as berries, dark reds, and blues. This beautiful, highly-pigmented lipstick is called “Bare It All” from Wet n Wild. Not only does this lipstick complete the perfect winter look, but it is also only $2.00. You can get this lipstick at Walgreens, CVS, or Target. Raine suggests wearing this nude with a white shirt and a tan patterned scarf or berry colored top.

Tip: I suggest wearing a lip balm before this lipstick because it is a little drying and matte. Although this lipstick is pigmented, you can still transform this nighttime lipstick to more a lighter day time lipstick. All you have to do is just dab on the product for light color and place a nude gloss on top to add a shiny look, rather than a matte look.


Another noticeable new item I saw passing through the hall of Christ Church was sophomore Charlotte’s light brown purse from Urban Outfitters. This purse is the perfect size for school and when you go out on the weekends with your friends. This purse can fit a couple of books and pencils. On the other hand, it is the perfect size for makeup essentials, keys, and wallets, the perfect combination for a night out with friends. Since the purse if a the ideal tan color for winter it can match any winter piece you have. This bag can match any sweater, dress, and scarf you own.


To conclude, all of Christ Church looked fashionable and ready for winter with their new makeup, clothes, and accessories. Hopefully this article has not only helped you with a variety affordable winter essentials but also offered some tips and tricks to make these fashion pieces as wearable and useful as possible.