New Years Fashion and Tricks


With the New Year comes new and upcoming fashion trends that some of your favorite celebrities are wearing. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Jenner are showing off their favorite outfits on the streets on NYC and LA.

The first New Years fashion trend is the Adidas super star sneakers. These classic, white sneakers can make a casual outfit look more hip. This is my favorite fashion trend because you can easily make an affordable, urban outfit with just sneakers and an oversized sweater. You can pair these sneakers with oversized sweatshirts and oversized cheap sweaters from places such as forever 21, H and M etc. Now that you have a sweater with the sneakers you need pants. A very popular New Years trend has been to wear boyfriend baggy ripped jeans with the sneakers and sweater/sweatshirt. Personally, my favorite place to get boyfriend baggy jeans would be american eagle, forever 21, urban outfitters etc. These stores have boyfriend jeans that are baggy at the bottom but fit nicely around the hips so they do not fall off and look flattering.

The most popular way to wear these sneakers would be with jean overalls with and turtle neck sweater underneath. You can get a good quality turtle neck sweater at Brandy Melville and good overalls at Hollister.

If your fashion idol is Kylie Jenner you can look like her by wearing the sneakers with a romper. Kylie constantly wears her adidas super star sneakers with her tan/nude romper. The key to copying Kylie’s romper is to get the romper in a nude, black, or white romper. Kylie often wears nude, black, and white because those comfort colors compliment her tan skin tone. If you want to dress up the outfit, but still wear the sneakers you can do what Gigi Hadid does and wear the sneakers her blue patterned blazer and light wash ripped jeans. You can a patterned blazer at H and M, J crew etc.

A constant problem I have when picking out an outfit for the day would be repeating dresses, skirts, and sweaters. If you ever have this problem it means that it is time to be creative with what you have in your closet. My favorite way to be creative with repeating outfits is to pair a sweater on top of my dresses and skirts. This New Year fashion trend has saved me from many repeating outfits. When you pair a sweater with a dress the outfit looks brand new and different. My favorite part of this trick is that you can have a new unique outfit and it does not cost anything. Also the sweater can easily make the outfit more comfy and warm for the cold winter days. To pair a sweater with a dress you need to have a crop top knitted sweater or a normal length sweater. Make sure that the dress with this outfit is a fun sundress or fit and flare dress. You do not want to wear this sweater with a long maxi dress. Notice how the girl to the right is not wearing a long shift dress, but instead a fun fit and flare sun dress. She paired the vibrant sundress with a crop top sweater that complimented the dress.

Lastly, a new year’s fashion tip that is my personal favorite this new year is the collar shirt with sweater trick. When I want to wear an old sweater, but do not want to repeat it over and over again my go to tip is to put a collar shirt underneath the sweater. You can get a plain, white collared shirt to go underneath sweaters from places like forever 21 and my favorite, Brandy Melville. Pair that collared shirt with any old sweater and it makes the outfit more preppy and makes the old sweater look like a new sweater. If you do not want to do the classic pointed collar shirt you can get a peter pan collar which is a rounded collar shirt. You can also get a collar shirt with jewels on it, which really makes the sweater stand out.

Hopefully through this article you have learned fashion for the New Year, upcoming fashion trends that all the hottest stars are wearing, and clothing tricks to help you get through the school year in a cheap, fashionable way.