Hair Limitations

One of the most unique things about Christ Church is the special arts program and arts opportunities that are not available at public schools. These opportunities in the arts include theater, painting, music, writing, and more. With the addition of the new Hartness Performing Arts Center, there has been a great deal of attention towards the arts program here at Christ Church recently. The arts allow students to express a part of their identity through their work.  Therefore, why are students not allowed to color their hair as hair and makeup can also be considered an art form? Just like painting, makeup and hair take creativity and time to produces a considered work of art.

Most girls and guys at Christ Church take pride in their hair, and some of them would like to openly express a certain part of their personality through their hair color. For example, a person can demonstrate their wild, fun side through coloring their hair a vibrant color, such as red.

Certain rules with regard to dress code at Christ Church are reasonable. For instance, students are allowed to wear clothes of their choice, but shirt straps have to be three fingers long, and dresses or skirts have to be fingertip length. I agree with these limitations in order for there to be appropriate attire worn at school.

Although I agree with these points, I feel that the restriction on hair coloring is unnecessary. Personally, I think there should be no limitations on hair as there are with choice of clothes. If the school puts emphasis on it being an innovative modern place for art, then why does the school put limitations on hair? In modern society, it is extremely popular to have colored, crazy, highlighted hair. There is a precise, difficult art of coloring hair a vibrant color, and students at Christ Church should be able to express their individuality through hair with no limitations.