Sherri Hill Slays Fashion Week


Fashion gurus all over the country have been intensely preparing for the most important week of the year, Fashion Week, and Sherri Hill is no exception. Every fashionable teenager that aspires to be in the fashion industry has been waiting for, watching and recording fashion week, held in one of the most famous fashion capitals, NYC. Fashion prodigies such as Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson and Sherri Hill are all revealing their new spring clothing line to the world. This year, Sherri Hill wowed audiences with her unique 2016 line.

Vibrant, glittery, elegant, glamorous, modern and beautiful are just some of the adjectives that describe the Sherri Hill 2016 Fashion Show. People in the audience, people who watched at home and people who participated in the fashion show were all excited and at the edge of their seats as they waited to see each new model that strutted on the catwalk and what she was wearing.

The amazing aspect about Sherri Hill that made it stand out from all the other fashion shows during Fashion Week was its individuality. Sherri Hill not only has professional, flawless models, but she also has more authentic, famous celebrities such as the cheeky, beautiful Duck Commander Sadie Robertson, the beautiful disney star Laura Marano, and the unique dancer Bella Thorne. These actresses made the fashion show more interesting for viewers because the viewers have more a connection with the famous celebrities than the typical high fashion models.

The models captivated the audience as they made their way down the catwalk. Each different design fit its model’s personality and body type. Sadie Robertson wore a fit and flare, magenta, bohemian, glittery dress. This colorful dress matched Sadie’s vibrant personality. Bella Thorne wore a black slim dress that complimented her long dancer’s body filled with curves. The black dress was striking on Bella’s pale skin tone. Lastly, Laura Marona hit the stage wearing a black fit and flare ball gown. The bottom of the ball gown was black with pink, red, yellow and white flowers, matching Laura’s wild and free personality.

Sherri Hill Fashion show was captivating and exceptional compared to many fashion shows during Fashion Week. All the models were able to express their personality and style through the style of the dresses and the story behind the dresses. Each model personally sat down with Sherri to discuss their outfit and their feelings on how the outfit suited them. The Sherri Hill Fashion show was staggering and made a major impression to viewers around the globe.

Personally, Sherri Hill was my favorite fashion show, what was your favorite fashion show during Fashion Week?