The Best Summer Clothes for those Long Summer Nights and Various Tan Lines

As the end of the year approaches, the weather gets warmer, the nights become longer, and the feeling of summer is just around the corner. It is time to break out the shorts, buy some sandals and prepare for those long nights and various tan lines. Along with no school, vacations, and nights out with friends there is also the excitement for the best kind of fashion, summer fashion. It is fair to say that summer fashion is the most comfortable, effortless chic clothing there is. From sun dresses and rompers to pantsuits and skirts, there is a wide variety of choices to choose for any night of the week. The absolute best component about summer is that whether you are going to a party, a formal event, or a simple dinner there is the perfect summer outfit for every single occasion. I interviewed some Christ Church girls about a wide variety of fashion pieces they are most excited for, must have summer essentials, and where to buy them.


First I interviewed sophomore, Raine. The fashion piece she can’t wait to wear is fit and flare jeans. She feels that she can “only get away with them during the summer because it is a very carefree, loose fashion piece.” A great place to get affordable, fit and flare jeans is at American Eagle. They have various designs and sizes that will create a spark in your summer collection.


Next I interviewed sophomore, Halie. Halie is most excited about necklaces and earrings. Summer is the perfect time to show off your earrings and other jewelry items. Jewelry is a fast, elegant, and easy way to add beauty to a simple outfit. Wear a loose shirt, bun, a pair of your favorite shorts, and add some earrings and you are summer ready for any dinner or any special event. It is flattering and you do not even have to style your hair. It’s a two in one solution, who doesn’t love that? My favorite place to get cheaper, but elegant, colorful earrings is at Francesca’s, an adorable southern boutique.


The third person I decided to interview is the always fashionable, sophomore, Emma. Emma is head over heels excited for Urban Outfitter dresses because “they are comfortable in the hot summer weather and flattering on everyone.” Urban Outfitters is a great place for great quality, long lasting dresses, at a good reasonable price. There are many designs to choose depended on what look you are going for. You can shift from more of a night time outfit, to a more classic look. There are also bodycon dresses that emphasize your summer body curves in an eye catching, yet classy way. The last one is my personal favorite, a fit and flare/skater skirt dress. This is my all time favorite because it is cute, girly, but still a nice dress that you can even wear to a nice summer dinner.


I also decided to interview Cooper since she can not stop talking about summer plans but more importantly, summer outfits and accessories. Cooper has been dying to rock her new Ray Bans that she got for Christmas. Sunglasses are not only super hip, but they are also beneficial. They stop the sun from shining in your eyes and they complete any summer outfit. If you are looking for some new shades to wear there are the classic Ray Bans. Ray Bans does a fantastic job of providing a wide variety of sunglasses for any outfit style. Something I love to do is wear their cat sunglasses with an urban outfit and of course a flannel.


My favorite makeup looks are those easy “no makeup” summer looks. Summer is an excuse to wear little to no foundation, let those freckles and natural tan shine through, throw on some highlighter that will leave you sparkling the night away, and of course the finishing touch, a clear lip gloss. Do these simple steps and you will have a fresh, glowy makeup look that is healthy, clean, and will leave you looking like a glowing goddess.


In order to achieve this natural glam it is imperative to choose a tinted moisturizer, rather than foundation because a tinted moisturizer is more hydrating and lightweight than a full coverage, heavier foundation. My favorite summer foundation that leaves me glowing and tan is the bare minerals complexion rescue. It has all the best, natural ingredients that you would ever want in a foundation, such as coconut to leave the skin hydrated and illuminated. If you are looking for something more matte, but still glowy and light then I got you covered! Bare Minerals serum foundation leaves a matte finish, but is still hydrating, therefore it does not seem dry and still leaves the perfect glow on the cheekbones. Because the foundation is a serum, it is lightweight and looks like your natural skin, but better. To finish off the look my favorite glosses are any of the Bare Minerals Gel Nude Buttercream Lipgloss. If you want a cheap, shiny, pearlized, clear gloss then I highly recommend the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Snow Pink. This lip gloss gives you the perfect shine and makes the overall makeup look glowy and natural.


Hopefully through this article you are now prepared for any day this summer throws at you. Whether it’s a day in the sun or a night in the moonlight, you should have the perfect clothes, jewelry, and makeup for either occasion. With these tips and tricks you will look perfect for any of those long summer nights and tan lines.