Falling for Flannels

When September turns to October and the leaves begin to change color, cooler weather, Halloween, and new clothes are included in the excitement of the fall. Students can now finally break out their favorite sweaters and accessories with vibrant scarves.

Emma is a freshman at Christ Church and is ready for fall with her light tan Tom wedges and light wash skinny jeans from American Eagle. Emma is also enjoys wearing an oversized, dark green long sleeve shirt from American Eagle and a gold moon necklace from Forever 21. “My fashion icon would be Nina Agdal because she is an American Eagle model and wears some of my favorite clothes from American Eagle. I would describe my style as poppy, but casual,” Emma said. Emma’s enjoys sporting baby blue nails and laced booties.

Senior Mikaela is getting ready for fall by pairing her bright pink dress and her aztec, gray sweater from Altar’d State. She paired the vibrant outfit with free black, buckled booties from Forever 21. “I look up to Gigi Hadid because she has a very laid back style. I would describe my style as very laid back and casual. I like to wear a lot of dresses and skirts because they do not require pants,” Mikaela said. Mikaela is getting in the sweater weather with her adorable gray sweater with short booties.

Freshman Addie is wearing an oversized dark gray sweater from Brandy Melville and wearing a white, lace bralette from Aerie to jazz up the neutral sweater. She got her dark denim jeans from Hollister and her light gray, frayed heeled booties from Belks. Lastly, she topped off the outfit with a small crystal necklace to give the outfit an extra look without loosing the outfit’s casual style. “A fashion icon I aspire to be is definitely Selena Gomez because she has a very urban, girly style. I would describe my style as chic with a bit of an urban sense to it.”

Micah is a junior at CCES. He decided to go flannel for Fall. He paired his multi colored flannel with black pants and black air max Nike shoes. He pulled the outfit all together with yellow and blue rubber band bracelets. “I would describe my style as dark, but colorful. I like to use a lot of flannels with my outfits.”

Freshman Cooper Stancell made a summer outfit into a fall outfit by putting on a white knitted shawl to her spaghetti strapped navy and white striped dress. She pulled the outfit together by wearing brown combat boots and a silver cross necklace. “My fashion icon is definitely Taylor Swift. I love her outfits from the 50’s and how she adds red lipstick to make the outfit come together. I would describe my style as flowy and bright.”

Overall, the Christ Church students seem ready for fall. From flannels to sweaters, fall will definitely bring some urban and poppy outfits to the high school. Next time you pass through the halls, look at someone’s outfit and take a moment to look at how they have accessorized their outfit according to the fall fashion trends.