Midsommar: The Most Unique Horror Movie Made

Midsommar: The Most Unique Horror Movie Made

If you haven’t heard of or seen the movie Midsommar, I’m sure you can ask around and hear many different opinions on it. Midsommar is a very popular movie created by the entertainment company A24 who are known for their unique films. Almost every A24 movie is a psychological thriller or a complete brain twister. Ari Aster, a famous director for the company, directed Midsommar. He is known for his thrilling films such as Hereditary, The Strange Thing About the Johnsons, and Beau is Afraid. Aster especially poured all of his skills and twisted ideas into Midsommar to create a masterpiece. It is one of the most popular A24 movies, and it holds its title as one of the most disturbing movies ever made due to its uniqueness. 

The plot is pretty simple, yet complex. A couple undergoing a hard period in their life is invited to a Swedish festival by one of their friends, which isn’t what they think and turns into a nightmare.  Just watching the movie you brush the surface of what is happening so you have to really think and dive deeper to fully immerse in the film. Many might not see it due to the violence, suspense, and overall unsettling aura the movie gives off, but Aster proclaims that Midsommar is a breakup movie. There are many hidden easter eggs and small details that can be missed, making the movie more and more interesting with each watch. But I don’t want to spoil too much, so let’s dive into what makes it so unique. 

Unlike many horror movies, the setting in Midsommar is extremely light, floral, and psychedelic. The characters participate in rituals involving psychedelic drugs and the movie adapts to these visuals furthering the unsettling and obscure setting. Aster makes the frames more saturated and vibrant as the movie progresses and gets more and more intense. It is extremely unsettling as horrors occur in broad daylight and the sun never sets in the movie. Another interesting part of the setting is the Nordic community and their culture such as their artwork, rune-like patterns, floral costumes, and language. This builds upon the theme of the oblivion the characters face, and how terrifying their lack of knowledge in this experience is.  It is extremely unsettling as such horror can happen in such a beautiful place, and differs from almost every horror movie made. 

What is really the icing on the cake in Midsommar is the soundtrack. Anytime something suspenseful or horrifying happens in the movie, unique sounds are played. The soundtrack is by famous electronic and industrial musician, Bobby Krlic. The sounds are like nothing I have ever heard before with electrifying synths and a recurring sharp violin pattern that sends chills down my spine. The music is extremely frequent in the movie and really amplifies the intensity of the scenes.

The ending of the movie is extremely twisted and revealing and does not disappoint like many horror films tend to. It can be perceived in many different ways with many different meanings and is confusing, yet intriguing. The movie explores the themes of trauma, grief, and loss all while providing the captivating experience of terror. The movie brings out many emotions in the audience with some that can’t be explained. I felt a cultivating, confusing, and haunting impression after finishing Midsommar that I had never felt before. Ari Aster really did perfectly execute one of the most unique, groundbreaking, and terrifying psychological thrillers of all time.

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