Tips for Studying During Exams

Tips for Studying During Exams

With the start of December and the Christmas spirit comes another spirit that haunts our school every year: exams. Exams are very stressful, and with them coming up in a couple of days, it seems only fitting to give some tips from fellow students to help with studying. So here is a list of some advice from peers to guide you in your preparation for exams.
1. Start studying a couple of days in advance. In the past, I have tried studying for my exams the night before I took them, but as I was studying I found myself frustrated and even more confused than when I started.”

2. Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep at night, it becomes easier to make mistakes while studying and I just end up giving up and taking a nap.

3. Taking breaks. I always get distracted while I study so I usually study for half an hour and then take a fifteen-minute break and continue and that helps me stay focused.

4. I like to study in groups because talking about a subject to my friends helps me understand it better.

5. I listen to music while I study because it’s less stressful to me when there’s more noise than just flipping pages.

Along with the list, Mr Kitteridge shared some statements about how to deal with stress during this time. He said, “Check yourself on negative self-talk. Fact-check any unhealthy thoughts by identifying and focusing on past examples when you were able to succeed or accomplish your goals. There are always instances in your own experience you can find that are encouraging.”
The Honor Council left the students with some final words of advice in assembly. Make a schedule to keep you on track while you’re studying, and make sure to ask your teachers for help when you need it because that is what they are there for.

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