CES 2024 and the Dawn of Clear TVs

CES 2024 and the Dawn of Clear TVs

Every year, in Las Vegas, some technology show CES allows an audience to view what is new in the world of tech. With over 135,000 attendees and 4300+ exhibits, according to the show’s website, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was expected to be centered around AI.

With Chat-GPT having been released in November 2022, people expected to see applications for this technology at the center of CES 2024. However, this was not the case. As reported by Reuters, most of the applications for AI at this year’s show were either unfinished or just kind of disappointing.

In the place of AI, TVs took center stage at the exhibition. Both LG and Samsung revealed TVs with screens made of clear glass filled with tiny LEDs that cannot even be seen by the naked eye. 

While Samsung’s MicroLED was just a concept that will not be coming to the market anytime soon, LG has plans to put their clear TV, dubbed the OLED T, on the market later this year.

Even though the OLED T does not have a price or release date yet, the South Korean company has released the CES announcement video on their Youtube channel. 

The video shows off both the strengths and weaknesses of the TV, which focuses on its ambient light capabilities and its ability to display crisp visuals while also being as see-through as a window. 

The OLED T does not come without its drawbacks, however. The TV is so clear that visuals always look superimposed on the background, and the displayed images are never quite fully opaque. LG acknowledges this drawback, and the TV is set to ship with an unrollable black pad to place on the back of the TV to improve visibility. 


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