The Heart Behind CCES Lunch Program

Many people in our school do not give enough credit to the people that work at our school behind the scenes. Some of the most important people that work behind the scenes at our school, is the kitchen staff. The lunch ladies make sure that we have enough food to function, and they also make sure that our food is always fresh. This can be a hard job for the kitchen staff because when you are feeding so many people challenges do arise. After interviewing Katriba Bunkley (known to me as Triba), I got an amazing insight to each of their daily jobs.

Originally, Triba wanted to work in a daycare facility with little kids. She loves working with kids, but her plans did not exactly work out like this. A friend had told Triba about a job opening with Flik, so Triba decided to give it a try. Her fulfillment of wanting to work with kids was achieved, but in a different way. She was placed in the lower school, so she got to see the little kids and help them. Ever since then, she has loved working at CCES and with Flik, and is very happy with how her life has worked out. After asking what one of her funniest memories working with Flik, she responded: “One time, we were preparing for lunch, and for some reason the salad bar started overflowing with water; water was all over the floor, and we had to scramble try to get it fixed because the lunch rush was getting ready to start. I just remember laughing to myself because the water was everywhere, and we had to clean it up so fast!” Triba also thought about what her favorite food was, and what her favorite food was to make. Her response was plantains, which is a fruit very similar to bananas, and she also loves anything spicy. Triba’s favorite food to make for the kids is anything sweet. She loves anything with chocolate, but also believes that the kids should make healthy decisions.

Although I was only able to interview one of the lunch ladies, I got to see how hard each one of these women work. They work so extremely hard to make our food healthy and fresh, and most of the time they do not get enough credit. So, if you are in the lunch line one day, make sure you say thank you, and smile at them, because it makes their day.