Behind the Curtains

Mr. Halverson amazed again with another outstanding school play. Once Upon a Mattress was a funny, witty, and overall extremely energetic play. Although, the play may have seemed organized and put together, backstage was a different story. Here is my behind-the-scenes story of preparing the girls and guys for the stage and the fun activities had and memories made.
My job as crew was to do hair and makeup. I did a wide variety of hairstyles for the girls on cast. The hairstyles consisted of a braid and perfect curls for an accurate medieval look.

To get this medieval look, I would:
first, grab a one inch section of hair and a one inch hot tools curling iron.
next, is to wrap their hair around the curling iron for about 10 seconds at the most.
lastly, the most important step, Pantene hairspray! With the cast running around the play, it is important to lock in those curls to keep them in place throughout the day.
With long nights and countless hours working, it was easy for the crew to become best friends fast on and off stage. Late nights and no dinner can make the crew extremely hungry extremely fast. The first night, the crew ate fluffy, delicious waffles at the iHop. Adelaide Vergnolle said her favorite dinner memory with the cast was when “Jan ate a huge, undercooked, piece of meat from iHop”.

Overall, the play was filled with tons of fun and hilarious memories on and off stage. As a person who was a part of staff, the cast was hard working and had a positive, energetic attitude, creating an unforgettable play.