Young Artists Series

This year, the modern Young Artists Series took place in early April. The Young Artists Series is an annual tradition at Christ Church where students can display their talents to their fellow classmates. Anyone who has ever stood up in front of a crowd knows what a daunting task it is, especially if that crowd is full of peers. Every student who participates in this formal talent show is applauded for their hard work and dedication. The performances are as follows:

Keri Barker – All of Me

Olivia McCall – Skinny Love

Caroline Vermillion – Original Composition

Sam Lynagh – Original Composition

Glowrious Productions – Chapter 2

Arianna Jain, Alston Mickel – Rivers and Roads

Robert Moser, Maggie Hamberis, Isaiah Hogue, Josh Rogers, Ellie Williams – Run to You

Alston Mickel, Bobby Hudson, Valerie Pruc, Michael Batson – Stacy’s Mom and The Middle

Isaiah Hogue, Brown Mattox – The Break of the Sound, Wubs n Dubs

Holden Jain – Eruption

A Cafellas – Billy Joel and Glamorous

Annie Huang – A Comme Amour

Maggie Ramirez, Marissa McGrady – Tell Your Girlfriend

Alston Mickel, Cole Bradley – Angel, Better Together

Robert Moser – Wake Me Up

Courtney Foster – Dance

Taylor Jackson – Original Composition

Each one of these participants did an amazing job displaying their talent to the school. Prior to the show, backstage was filled with nervous stomachs and butterflies. However, upon stepping onto the stage, the students who participated sung/danced/played/beat boxed their hearts out!