IB Art Show 2019

On March 13th, the International Baccalaureate Art students at Christ Church presented their pieces from this school year in the annual IB Art Show. IB Art is considered to be the highest level of art class at CCES, and spans over a student’s junior and senior year. Juniors in the class presented their entire body of art from this school year, while seniors made exhibitions which can include 11 pieces from either of their years in IB Art. The exhibitions are graded by the IB program for their flow and continuity which encourages the students to choose pieces that share a common theme and tell a story. In the class, students are not only challenged to create many pieces of different styles and mediums, but are also tasked with making cultural connections with their art and documenting their techniques. Upper School Art Teacher, Mrs. Dana Kimmell, when asked about the show stated, “IB is a great way to teach students how to think bigger, dig deeper, and make connections.” In addition, IB ensures that the students have a good understanding of the world of art around them. As such, they study many artists and investigate their signature styles of art, which helps them eventually arrive at their own style. One common element that was prevalent at the show was the wide range of materials used. This is due to the IB program’s extensive focus on the communication of deeper meaning through the use of various mediums. For example, the use of newspaper clippings to convey current issues regarding politics as opposed to generic materials like paint helps artists instill emotion in their audience. Overall, the art show was a great display of some of CCES students’ best work from the past year, and the pieces show just how much can be communicated through art.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure to check out the picture gallery to see some of the pieces.