2019 Oscars

Sydney Lee, Staff member

It is that time of the year again! I hope this week you have grabbed your popcorn and your friends to watch the annual Oscars. The Oscars appeared on February 24th, 2019. This Oscars was a little different compared to previous Oscars that aired. For starters, there was no host. Some viewers at home liked this no host approach the best because it made the Oscars feel shorter, allowed the main focus of the Oscars be the films, and less sometimes offensive jokes that seem to only stall time for both the audience at home and at the Oscars. On the other hand, some of the audience missed having a host because it brought comedy, transformed it to a more lighthearted show, gave each award a transition, and is an overall tradition. Previous hosts have been Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock etc.

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In fact, there was supposed to be a host this year, Kevin Hart. However, once he tweeted some homophobic tweets this December he was forcefully removed as host. Everyone loves Kevin Hart and he was very excited to take this position, but sadly, some people at the Oscars felt differently and did not want to have to watch someone on stage who was so “offensive”. Due to this controversy, there was no host for this year’s oscars. He recently went on Ellen to apologize and discuss the incident and why he decided to step down for his dream of hosting the Oscars. 

Besides this Oscars being different compared to the others due to the fact that there was no host, this Oscars was also one of the most memorable one. If anyone saw the Oscars, I am sure one of the main highlights of that show was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The song “Shallow” won best original song. If anyone has seen “A star is born” I think the whole world can agree that this award was extremely fitting. Once the two sang shallow once again since the movie, there were tears in the audience for the second time. The two looked very close together as they beautifully sang the romantic duet.

The other main award was that “Green Book” won best picture.

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Overall, the 2019 Oscars was very memorable and all the awards were fitting and well deserved. Let’s hope that for the 2020 Oscars that maybe Kevin Hart will make a return and Lady Gaga and Bradley will occur in another amazing movie with an even better sound track.