Emily and Her Journey with Painting

Art adds a personal touch to the school and makes the place we go to everyday more interesting, personal, and homey. The unique thing about art is how it can capture a person’s thoughts, ideas, and personality through no words and no explanations. This article will be a tribute to Emily, a Christ Church student. Emily is only one of the many phenomenal artists here at Christ Church who courageously decided to share a part of herself through her artwork. Through her breathtaking artwork, she has conveyed a part of herself.

I asked Emily a series of questions of the process behind her paintings.

How did you make each painting?

“I mix medias to create more depth and more vivid image.”

What Materials did you use for each painting?

“I use charcoal, colored pencils, acrylic, sharpies, and ink. Colored pencils are my favorite.”

How long did each painting take?

“Each took me about a week or less.”

Now that we have learned how Emily makes her paintings, it is time to talk about why she made the paintings and what the paintings mean.

What is your favorite painting?

“My favorite piece that I’ve done was the lower perspective of the skeleton.”

Why is it your favorite painting?

“It is my favorite because it shows the angle of a human that most try to avoid in pictures because it is an unflattering angle.”

What is the most personal piece you have created?

“The most personal piece I have created was the first piece I ever created that began my interest in art because it got such positive feedback.”

Inspiration behind each painting?

“I am inspired by nature and the ora of people and things that I draw.”

Hardest thing you had do when painting each painting

“The hardest thing I had to do while creating a piece is to keep it simple and not let my mind stray for the meaning can easily be lost if I include too many ideas.”

Most rewarding thing about painting

“The most rewarding thing about art is that it created too many opportunities for me. Whether it is a job that requires creativity, or a simple school project, it is a very useful and versatile skill. I know many people would say that they think the influence their art has on other people is most rewarding, but I’ve learned that to enjoy what I do, it is more satisfying to create for myself rather than creating for other people.”

When did you start painting

“I started painting when I was a freshman 3 years ago.”

Why did you decide to paint

“I decided to paint because I like to document things and I am a weak writer. Instead of having a diary, I just paint.”

Do you want to do anything with painting in the future?

“I want to be an architect or some type of designer because I am a visual thinker.”

Your favorite quote about painting/inspiration

“A man never stands in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” Heraclitus

Overall, Emily is an amazing artist because of the work she creates and because of her state of mind when painting. When she has feelings and thoughts, she communicates them through her creations. This is why when people look at her art, they see more than just shapes and colors. They feel something because her art contains emotions and a story on paper since words are simply not enough.