Miley Hosts the VMAs

The opening scene from the MTV Awards before Miley took the stage (

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the MTV Video Music Awards. Just last year at the VMA, Miley hit the stage with Robin Thicke and made some memorable moments with interesting props and questionable dance moves. Many people thought that her scandalous performance was not appropriate for viewers.

This year, Miley was given the opportunity to make a new name for herself on the VMA stage. When the award show started, Nicki Minaj came on stage and sang “Trini Dem Girls”. During Nicki’s exciting performance, Taylor Swift ran on stage and started to rap to “Bad Blood”. This exciting twist in Nicki’s performance left the audience laughing.

Actor Austin Butler said, “One thing I hope happens tonight is that the fans have fun and the artists get to celebrate their songs and their music videos.” A few students had the chance to comment on the VMA and Miley Cyrus as the host for the VMA. Freshmen Logan Bradley said, “I liked Miley Cyrus because I thought she was funny and had cool, colorful outfits.” On the other hand, freshmen Addie Cobb said, “I did not like Miley Cyrus as a host because I thought she did not introduce the artist as well as other hosts have in the past. I thought that throughout the show, she wore some inappropriate outfits.” Lastly, Cooper Stansell said, “I think that the VMA’s were really good this year because the audience and viewers at home were able to enjoy the artists and to get to know more about their music videos and songs. I thought it was better organized than the previous year and was more entertaining. I especially liked the part where Taylor Swift presented her new music video, Wildest Dream.”

When Miley first appeared, she was wearing a hot pink unicorn outfit. She purposefully chose this outfit and her later outfits on the VMA to be colorful and bright. These outfits are bold because she is known for her bold, colorful outfits by all of her fans and Instagram followers. She entered with rainbows, fog, and music behind her. After she made her grand entrance on the stage, she performed some crowd pleasing skits crafted with the help of comedian, Seth Rogen and his team.

Throughout the VMAs, Miley introduced her friends, such as Nick Jonas and Tori Kelly with funny stories and rumors from their pasts. She also continually made jokes about her controversial performance last year. At the end of the VMA, performers such as Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift made an appearance. Demi sang her new song, already on the top charts, “Cool for the Summer”. Justin Bieber also sang his new song, “What do you mean.” Lastly, Taylor swift obviously brought up Selena Gomez, her BFF, to the stage, and Taylor won the award for best music video. “Blank Space” music video got over a billion views on Youtube! Miley wrapped up the night with more funny jokes and a touching speech about how honored she was to host the VMAs.

Overall, the VMA this year were beautifully chaotic and vibrant. Miley did a wonderful job as a host and represented the VMA this year with respect and fun. All of the performances were energetic. Freshman Lily Harris said, “This year’s VMAs was the best one yet!”