After my 13 years of attending Christ Church, it seems that every year after Christmas and Home going, everyone’s attention switches straight to prom. Like any other important event, prom can be both stressful and a wonderful day to remember. Prom can be stressful for a numerous amount of reasons. For instance, there are always the dresses that can’t be repeated, shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry, who will be at your table. The first stressful part of the whole prom process is promposal. I am here to relieve your stress and show you some cute promposal that will leave your date speechless eventually saying yes!

A safe promposal will always involve food. Everyone loves food and these type of promposals might be the the best ones yet, simply due to the fact that you can eat it after!

This first promposal is the fastest way to a girl’s heart, through doughnuts. All this promposal takes is writing a sign and then  asking for decorated doughnuts.


This second food promposal involves ordering a pepperoni pizza and taking the slices and writing prom on it. This one may take a little more work, but it is original and tasty!

This promposal is for anyone out there who likes to be different and creative. This one takes more work and may leave your date scared or a little mad, but it is worth it.

This promposal is for sure an easy one, but at the same time very creative and surprising. all it takes is going on your date’s phone, changing the contract of a cute photo of you two and changing the contact name to the message of your choice. Hopefully he or she will answer the phone with a yes!

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This next promposal seems fairly simply, but will leave the girl blushing for days. It does cost more money due to the fact that it involves a ring. However, if you have saved up enough money and are willing to spend it on a nice ring, then this is the way to go. The ring does not have to be extremely expensive. There are some nice rings at Pandora that are below 100. Who knows, maybe she will even wear it to prom?

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If your girl or guy is a fan of Beauty and the Beast then he or she will cry over this one. It is beautiful, yet simple and has special meaning because it relates to a classic love story.

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This is one of the most beautiful promposals yet! All this plan requires is putting up lights on the person’s garage, maybe lighting a few candles, and writing a sweet message on a banner to place in the middle.