Cavs Meet Pets at Blessing of the Animals


The Friday leading up to our fall break, we had the blessing of the animals and the commons of the upper school was transformed into what I imagine Noah’s ark would look like. Simply put, there were a number of animals visiting the school in the half hour leading up to class on Friday. Countless parents and their children brought in their pets to be blessed by Father Wallace. Whether it be a golden retriever, a goldfish, a turtle or a cat, all sorts of animals were brought to receive a blessing. These animals, facing a new situation, began to act differently when they saw the other animals, exploding with joy. The dogs especially were a bit excitable, and it was a joy to behold. As the gallery shows, the dogs were keen to jumping around as soon as Father Wallace approached them. Nonetheless, Father Wallace calmly sat with the energized pets to deliver an intentional blessing to each and every one. No matter if the animal was there to see him in person or was just a photo on a phone, Father Wallace was willing to send great sentiments your pets way through a blessing.

This tradition is not random, though. It comes from the celebration of the Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment. This saint took care of any and all animals, and confirmed that these animals had a heaven all their own. 

 I am personally motivated by this topic as an animal lover, as I loved taking these photos, and loved to see the progression from 7:25 am, when there were only two animals, up until 8 o’clock, when it was like the upper school was a pet hotel. This is a beautiful sight for CCES, as almost everyone can relate about their favorite furry  friends. I brought my golden lab in for a blessing when I was in middle school; It was a great time for me, and an amazing time for Brady. I recommend that everyone in the school experience this great tradition at least once.