The Walking Dead Apocalypse Shoe Drive

As many people apart of The Walking Dead fandom know, the popular TV show’s  season has sadly come to a close for the summer. In light of the end of “TWD” club for the 16-17 school year at CCES, Mrs. Ferguson has announced a Zombie Apocalypse Shoe Drive. The shoe drive is held from April 18-21 and supports agencies in the upstate of South Carolina such as the Salvation Army or Women’s shelters.  


Each year, Mrs. Ferguson and the Upper School members apart of her unique club, host a charity event to give back to the Greenville community. Last year the theme was a Zombie Apocalypse Can Drive and was a great success. All shoe types for this year’s event are welcomed to be donated and dropped off at each student’s advisory. Mrs.Ferguson  promises the advisory that rounds up the most donations, homemade baked goodies as a reward for their great efforts.
The leaders of the TDW club are Kiera, Evan, Bailey, and Leanna and they know it is important to make the club have more just an entertainment aspect. The club serves as a distraction and an outlet to let loose, but also incorporates a theme of giving back. The main objective of the shoe drive is to take a minute and acknowledge the  things we take for granted and to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.