Senior Signing Day 2015

Photo Credit: Jamie Bryant

On May 1st, the senior class met for Senior Signing Day, a decades’ old tradition at CCES. Many parents came to see the excitement as every senior revealed the college of their choice.  Parents, teachers, and friends took the day to celebrate the seniors as the seniors attended their last day of classes and attended the long-awaited Senior Signing Day celebration. To begin the lunchtime festivities, college counselor Mrs. Schulz gave a nice opening statement as the senior class gathered on the steps of the outside amphitheater wearing the shirts of their selected college or university.
Despite the separation that will soon be among the seniors as they head off to colleges all over the country, the unity and spirit of the graduating senior class of 2015 was still very apparent. The traditional senior signing day events took place with their usual excitement. Professional photographers captured timeless photos of the class, and  students planning to attend the same as their other classmates gathered together for photos (i.e. Furman Students, Clemson Students). A photo of the “solo” students, the students representing the CCES class of 2015 alone at their specific college or university, was taken and the graduating IB students gathered together for their class picture, as well. Finishing off the festivities, the seniors then designed small flags and placed them on a cake with a map made of icing on it, designating where they will head off to study this fall.