IB Class of 2013 Extended Essay Titles

Niklas Abbing – A Step Backward? An Analysis of China’s Great Leap Forward

Meghan Althoff – Why So Thin? An Examination of the Role of Seratonin in the Development  of Anorexia

Rafaela Baranzano – Lights! Camera! Action! The Economic Impact of the Filming of The Hunger Games on Asheville, North Carolina

Caroline Brearley – Stockholm Syndrome: The Causes and Effects of the Strange Phenomenon

Ling Campbell – Parkinson’s Disease: The Benefits of Endurance Exercise

Laura Davids – ¿Quién soy yo? A Study of Las Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo and Human Rights in Argentina

Sara DeSantis – Rave Reviews? Italian Neo-realistic Cinema after World War II

Rebekah Fields – The Incompatibility of Christian and Buddhist Doctrines

Maddy Gentry – The Power of Music: The Effect of Listening to Music on the Dyslexic Mind

John Grant – The Origins of Organized Crime in the Western World: Sicily’s Mafia

Cecile Grapotte – Can the Pacific Coast Oyster Be Saved? An Investigation of Possible Solutions in Le Bassin D’Arcachon, France

Will Hamilton – Methods from Madness: The Impact of Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty on the Work of Jerzy Grotowski

Jesse Hasty – Saved by the Bacteria! The Economic Effect of Genetically Engineered Insulin on Diabetics

Jeb Helmers – Get Your Head in the Game . . . Theory: An Analysis of Game Theory in the Cold War

Ellery Ivester – Guilty or Not Guilty – That Is the Question: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer

Caroline Jennings – Periodontal Disease and CHD: The Heart of the Matter

Mattea Koon – The Man Who Would Be Emperor: An Analysis of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary as a Historical Romantic Figure

Crawford Lewis – The Atwater Effect: The “Bad Boy’s” Influence on George H. W. Bush in the United States Presidential Election of 1988

Anne McEvoy – From Canada to Swaziland: The Impact of Economic Development Status on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

David Moore – An Analysis of the Influence of the Blues on Eric Clapton’s Music

Christopher Ott – From the Ecological to the Economical: Making Solar Energy a Viable Industry

John Morgan Ramirez – Inter-stellar Space Travel: Is It Possible?

Ally Shelley – Hungry? The Government’s Role in Food Deprivation in the USSR, Cuba,  and North Korea

Lizzy Sterling – To Love or Not to Love: The Biological Factors behind Physical Attraction and Relationships

Roger Stone – Lake Hartwell: The Effect of a Manmade Lake on a Local Economy

Raphael Tosti – Chinese Manufacturing at the Tipping Point: A Study of Industrial Relocation to the United States