Jarrett Honored With Prestigious Award

Will Sanders, Business Editor

The Epiphany Scholarship is an award given out every year to a person in the senior class. Its purpose is to award someone who is very prominent in their church and community. This year the award was given to Elliott Jarrett.

The Epiphany Scholarship not only shows how important a certain student is to his or her community, but also provides him or her with a monetary gift. The person who receives this accolade is chosen by the faculty at Christ Church as well as a group of selected faculty members that make up an Epiphany Scholar Committee.

Lizzy Sterling and Wells Grimball, both good friends of Elliott, were asked to speak at the ceremony. Both recounted how, even as a child, Elliott was always amiable and easy to get along with. They shared stories regarding Elliott’s love of the outdoors and nature, which serve as the subject for his senior thesis.

When asked about receiving the award, Elliott said, “I am honored to receive such a prestigious award and thank Father Richard and McLeod for choosing me.”

Congratulations, Elliott!