Student Body Elections 2018

Lilly Maple, Staff Writer

If you didn’t already, you’d know it was the day of student body elections by the speeches being rehearsed in the bathrooms, dressed up candidates, and the nervous conversation among those delivering their speeches this morning. Several Junior girls awaited their moment to prove their qualifications and dedication to the CCES student body, and to deliver their speech in the PAC to all upper school students.


When the CCES upper school settled into their seats, current student body president, Alston Lewis, introduced the candidates to succeed him. He told students about the responsibilities of the student body president, and introduced the candidates, Emma Mcguire and Hailey Sanders, to the podium. Next, the candidates for vice president were introduced by Harris Sierra. Brooke Hammond, Sallie McKissick, and Day Nuckolls each shared their qualifications and willingness to help student council lead. Finally, Bates Hinsdale was introduced by Paula Pieper as the unopposed candidate for secretary treasurer.


Each candidate incorporated their own personal stories and showcased their individual leadership skills. Many students used humor to win over the audience, they spoke directly to the different grades, and they gave advice for their upcoming high school years.


The role of student council members plays a key role in how student-run functions are planned. Such events include homecoming and homegoing with the in-class fun events as well as the after school activities. A link to the voting poll can be found on schoology and will be announced at the end of the day on Monday.