Farewell to the Class of 2018


          Thirteen years after the first day of walking into primer, the class of 2018’s CCES career is over. Every senior longs for that last bell to ring on their final day of high school. The members of the graduating class of 2018 have made clear that they are ready to move on to the next chapter in their life. Michaela McNutt states that

I feel like I have been ready for college since the beginning of senior year.

— Michaela McNutt

          The class of 2018 students worked as juniors to find their “perfect” college and have finally make their decisions where they will attend school in the fall of 2018. The college counseling team at CCES is comprised of 3 dedicated counselors who are dedicated to their work and helping students find their college match. Mrs. Schulz, Director of College Counseling, states, “It is very rewarding to observe the personal growth and maturity that transpires as a student progresses through the college search and application process; it is also rewarding to help students find their interests and find their perfect college fit.” 

        CCES has prepared students to conduct in depth research projects starting with the fourth grade exhibition, where small groups of students research local problems and come up with a solution. The sophomore project allows students to guide themselves while researching a topic of their choice that pertains to international issues. Similarly, the Senior Thesis acts as a culmination to a student’s high school career, displaying how each student has a passion of which they are able to research. The Senior Thesis presentations ended on April 30th, the day before Signing Day. Addie Heigel, a member of the class of 2018, recently presented her senior thesis and said, “I am so glad my senior thesis is over; all year I have been waiting to complete this project so I can move on and enjoy the last part of my year in high school.”

The end of senior year can be a bittersweet moment for students – balancing the excitement of going to college with the sadness of leaving all of their high school friends. Whether they be students who are 13 year vets, students who have attended CCES just for high school, or first year students, the graduating class of 2018 has brought positive and exciting energy to the Upper School student body and have set a good example for the rising seniors. Karl Schmidt, a 13 year vet states that, “I feel like I have been ready for college since the beginning of senior year.” With the graduation ceremony for the seniors in late May, the CCES community will not forget the class of 2018. To all of the 2018 graduates of Christ Church Episcopal School, the students and faculty of CCES wish every one of the graduating seniors the best for their future.