Junior College Tours

          All throughout high school, the thought of going to college looms over every student’s head. On the weekend of February 18-20, fourteen CCES juniors visited 5 different schools across the east coast ranging from larger universities to smaller, liberal arts colleges. The trip was chaperoned by the CCES college counselors. Students on the trip visited Queens University in Charlotte, University of Richmond, Washington and Lee University, Roanoke College, and Virginia Tech.


          Visiting these schools gave students the chance to experience college life. Every school, with the exception of Virginia Tech, (the people who worked in the Virginia Tech admissions office were in a meeting and could not give a tour and information session), gave student-led school tours and gave the students an information session on what each school has to offer. Mr. Bartley Sides, CCES Assistant Director of College Counseling, gave the students a self guided tour of Virginia Tech and answered many of the student’s questions. Most students at Virginia Tech were in class when CCES visited their campus, but one woman who worked for the Service Learning Department was caught walking by and was able to answer some further questions. Each campus was unique in their own way and had different school traditions and core values. Students on the trip gained more knowledge and a better feel of what type of college they would like to attend.