College of the Month: Boston College

The beautiful campus is just outside of Boston in Chestnut Hill (photo courtesy of

Located in the outskirts of arguably the greatest college town in America, Boston College is a frontrunner in innovative research, liberal arts, and intellectual growth.

Home to over 9,000 undergraduate students, Boston College has a beautiful collegiate-feeling campus just six miles away from downtown Boston. Admission is highly selective as only about 30% of applicants each year are accepted. BC uses a holistic admission process, meaning that representatives will look beyond just GPA or test scores when making admission decisions.

Boston College offers its students a classic liberal arts education by exposing them to a broad range of important subjects such as writing, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. Over 55% of students choose to study abroad, and the proximity to a metropolitan area gives students many opportunities to have internships. There is also a tremendous sense of community and emphasis on service and involvement. The students take pride in their community and dedicate much of their time to participating in the school’s service programs offered by its Volunteer and Service Learning Center.

School spirit and traditions are important aspects of student life at Boston College. According to Mary French, the Associate Director of Admission, the Beanpot Hockey Tournament and Marathon Monday are two examples. The Beanpot is an annual hockey tournament featuring four universities in Boston: Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, and Northeastern. The winner each year receives bragging rights as the best college hockey team in the city, and Boston College has won twenty of the past sixty-five titles. Marathon Monday occurs on the day of the Boston Marathon, and classes are cancelled for the day. Students wake up early to dress up in tacky marathon apparel and cheer on the sidelines as the runners pass by the campus.

The mission of Boston College is to provide the highest standards of teaching to prepare students for citizenship, service, and leadership. Being an overall well-rounded college, it is not surprising that Boston College has captured the interest of many Christ Church students during their college search.