College of the Month: Colby College


Miller Library at Colby College (Credit: Gary R. Smith)

Hail, Colby, Hail! A small liberal arts college of approximately 1850 students, Colby College provides a top-notch education with a focus on collaboration and diversity. Colby is committed to giving “the most talented students from every background the best possible education” and preparing all students for graduate school success.

Colby sits on top of the picturesque Mayflower Hill of central Maine. Colby students, living in the northernmost state on the East Coast, fully experience all four seasons, especially winter. Snow falls as early as November and lasts until March, sometimes even April. Fortunately for Colby students, there are plenty of activities to do in the wintertime. From skiing at Sugarloaf and Sunday River to skating on Johnson Pond right outside the dorm rooms, anyone can find a way to enjoy the snowy days.

Colby is truly characterized by the year-round outdoorsiness of its students. All incoming freshmen are required to participate in the The Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips (COOT), a unique orientation program designed to help students connect with the school and with each other. COOT programs include camping, backpacking, climbing, sailing, and kayaking, and for those who desire to choose a less intense activity, yoga and organic farming. Michael Stone, Christ Church alumnus and current Colby freshman, reflects that his COOT camping trip was “three days of awesomeness” and that the experience in general “sets you up with a core group of people you can lean on during the first few weeks.”

Colby’s appreciation for the great outdoors extends far beyond orientation week. The largest student-run club is the Colby Outing Club which organizes outdoor activities and nature expeditions throughout the year. This club of over 300 students and faculty members meets every Sunday and offers skills clinics and gear rentals to the community.

Another way for students to remain active is, of course, through athletics. Popular sports teams for the Colby Mules are squash, crew, basketball, ice hockey, and both alpine and Nordic skiing. In addition, Colby offers a variety of club sports, ranging from equestrian and fencing to ping pong and archery.

Anyone searching for an outdoorsy liberal arts college with a fun-loving spirit and academic camaraderie is sure to fall in love with Colby College. Fortunately for prospective students, Colby is a Common App school and does not require any supplemental essays, making the application process far less stressful. For more information about applying to Colby, visit the official website at Hail the Blue and Gray!