Kevin Connaughton: These Humble Beginnings

Christ Church Episcopal School is privileged to be  home to many independant artists. This year, a play is being produced by sophomore playwright Kevin Connaughton titled These Humble Beginnings. This type of creativity is not uncommon at Christ Church. Last semester, Coal Halverson produced the documentary Courtney: The Story of Molly Flash telling the emotional story of a beloved performer from a local circus. Kevin is no stranger to the performing arts. He has participated in many of the musicals performed at Christ Church. Kevin thought of the idea when studying Commedia dell’arte for his Sophomore Project. Commedia dell’arte is a type of theatre beginning in 16th century Italy. It is characterized by stock archetypes using uniform costumes or masks. He has modernized this form of play for current times. It will be a satirical, comedic look at teenagers in love. The play stars Christ Church students such as Lucy Jenkins, Andrew Riordan, and Bradan Balaogh. The play will be on March 2, 6:00 PM in the drama room. Please take some time to come by and show support for a Christ Church student who has worked hard to create an entertaining piece of art.