Washington Center Prom

On Friday, February 21, the Washington Center was bursting with excitement as the junior and senior students waited in the hallway for their Prom to begin. Some were standing, and some were in their wheelchairs, but all were dressed in their finest clothes.

A group of Christ Church students volunteered to participate in this event, Ms. Jarrett drove a mini bus full of them to the Washington Center. These students acted as escorts to the junior and senior students at the Washington Center. Each pair walked into the room where the prom took place and stood under a decorative arbor as fun facts about the Washington Center student were read aloud. They then continued their walk down a red carpet toward the back of the room where they sat until everyone had been presented.

Before the dancing began, two seniors were crowned king and a queen. Then, music started playing and students and staff members alike were out on the dance floor. Senior Demetrius Anthony had nothing but good things to say about the event, “It was exciting and fun. I really enjoyed it, especially when I found someone to dance with.” The Christ Church volunteers had a blast at the Washington Center Prom, but it was obvious by their smiles that no one had a greater time than the Washington Center students.