Club Fair

Description on each fascinating club offered at CCES

Acafellas: For the first time, a group of very talented male singers have formed a singing group to entertain the school. Auditions will be held the week of September 16th and the club leaders encourage anyone interested to tryout!

Academic Team: Students gather in Mr. Bousman’s room to practice their trivial skills. During meetings, they split into two teams and answer trivia questions to get points.

Art Club: Art club is the perfect club for anyone interested in visual arts. Students gather with mrs. Abrams to hone their skills.

Bible Study: According to one of the group’s leaders, Caroline Wilcox, their bible study will work to “study different topics from the bible, talk about faith, and just go deeper into the word of God.”

Blue Belles: Blue Belles is a group of talented female singers who form together to create harmonies that entertain the Christ Church community.

Book Club: Every year book club brings together book lovers to share their love with each other. One of the club’s co-presidents, Junior, Susannah Pazdan says “we will be reading a lot of good books this year!”

Car Club: Members of Car Club love everything about automobiles from their colors to the thrill that comes with riding and driving in them. The club meets to discuss their passion.

Speech and Debate: This year, debate will meet regularly to “advance our debate skills and enhance our chances of bringing home a trophy,” says debate team member Mikaela Towler.

Delphian literary magazine: The Delphian staff are responsible for the publication of the CCES delphian literary magazine which displays students literature, photography, and other artwork from the year.

Ducks Unlimited: Members of Ducks Unlimited enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities and share their passion for hunting with each other.

Environmental Club: This year the Environmental Club “will continue to improve Christ Church’s environmental policies and will also focus on doing environmental service outside of the community such as working with the recycling center,” according to Vice-President, sophomore Courtney Lee.

Cavalier Christian Athletes: CCA is Christ Church’s “own version of FCS,” according club leader Mary Kate Carter. “We just like to get together and have a time of fellowship,” Carter says. She encourages new members to join, as the club is trying to open up “to more than just athletes.”

French Club: French Club is made up of anyone interested in France, the French language, or the culture of France. Members meet and do activities pertaining to French culture.

German Club: German club embraces the culture and language of Germany as members meet and participate in activities pertaining to the culture.

Improv Club: Improv club is made up of the funniest students on campus. Club member Isaiah Hogue says the club’s main goal is “to make funny.”

Outdoors Club: Outdoors Club, led by Mr. and Mrs. Jacobbssen, brings together students who love doing outdoor activities. The club plans to go apple picking and hiking in the future.

Math Club: Members of Math Club meet frequently to share their love for mathmatics and learn to work out new and difficult problems with each other.

Mock Trial: Mock Trial is a club where members meet and participate in mock court cases throughout the year.

Model UN: President of the Model United Nations, Hope Sanders says the club is a “student run simulation of the United Nations where students debate international policies and create legislation to save the world.”

Politics Club: In Politics Club, members embrace their passion for politics as they share their political views and ideas about the national and state governments.

Robotics Club: Robotics Club features students interested in robotic engineering and having fun with technology.

Chinese Club: Members of Chinese Club meet to celebrate the Chinese culture and language.

Spanish Club: Spanish club celebrates the spanish culture and language.

Thespian Society: Thespian Society meets to share their love for the theatrical arts.

Treats for Troops: Treats for Troops, led by Brittain Hughes, focuses on giving back to our troops and showing thanks for their service.

Youth in Government: YIG is one of the biggest clubs at CCES. Members meet and argue for their fake bills to be passed through a mock legislature system in early November.

Young Americas Foundation: The young Americas is a conservative group. “we participate in various activities to support the conservative movement and freedom of the people and to promote conservative activism,” says club leader Caroline Wilcox. “We’ll have lots of speakers!” she says.