Ellie Williams: From President to Queen

On Friday, September 27 during halftime at the Christ Church homecoming game against Calhoun Falls Charter School, Student Body President Ellie Williams was crowned the 2013 Homecoming Queen. This year a stunning group of senior girls was recognized in the Court, including Mary Kate Carter, Anna Ferrell, Ellen Nachman, Bronwyn Sastry, and, of course, Ellie Williams. Having to vote for just one of the candidates to be Homecoming Queen was especially tough, for each of them embodies the spirit of Christ Church and serves as an outstanding leader in the community. Although all of the Homecoming “Princesses” this year deserved to be crowned Queen, Ellie especially won over the heart of every student with her infectious school spirit and optimistic attitude.
During the Homecoming Court presentation, everyone was anxious to find out who won the ultimate title, especially the five senior candidates. Ellie said that she was “at first little bit nervous” but felt at ease when walking out onto the football field because she knew that she was surrounded by loving and supportive friends. She was honored to have Eliza Geary crown her Homecoming Queen and to “be on the court with so many great girls.”
For Ellie, this was a great way to top off the successful homecoming week. After long weeks of planning and organizing homecoming with the student council, she said that she is “exhausted after this fun week” and is “lucky to have such a great council.” Ellie and the rest of the student council are all very relieved that the stress of planning homecoming is over, and the student body is thankful for their dedication to making this year’s homecoming exceptional. Although Ellie is doleful that this will be her last homecoming at Christ Church, she is satisfied knowing that she has made an impact on this community as the Student Body President and Homecoming Queen.