The Blue Book of College Acceptances

Mattea Koon, Editor in Chief

By the end of January, CCES seniors had downloaded the last supplements, put the finishing touches on their resumes, and clicked the SUBMIT buttons for the last time.  Their college applications had gone whizzing through cyberspace chased by SAT and ACT scores in a mad dash for the college admissions offices.  The 2013 college application process had come to a close.

Now, seniors are looking towards April, awaiting the crucial e-mails and letters.  However, some have a head start.  Those with early action and decision results are already beginning to exhibit the symptoms of senioritis.  But before the seniors get to final exams, graduation, and summer vacation, they must complete the next challenge – Senior Thesis and Extended Essay presentations.

Meanwhile, the college counseling office has introduced juniors to the college process. Linda Schulz, Ivey Harrison, and Melissa Langford kicked off the next season of applications with the annual college night which featured Julie Browning, Dean for Undergraduate Enrollment at Rice University.  Schulz, Director of College Counseling, had this to say of the class of 2013: “Enthusiastic best describes the Class of 2013.  From the beginning of our work with them as juniors, Ms. Harrison and I have been proud of their level of engagement with us and with their respective college searches.  They have applied to a diverse array of colleges and universities, and we wait with great anticipation to learn of their college choices in the spring.”

May 1 is College Signing Day, when seniors will reveal their final college choices.  Until then, look out for Anna Pieper and her blue book of college acceptances, and check out these statistics (valid as of January 4th) and interviews.