What Students Want in a Chaplain

At our school, chapel services are an integral part of our curriculum and take place every Wednesday. However, this school year the CCES community has not had a permanent chaplain. Interviews are being held to see which candidate would best fit as our new chaplain.


Students would like the new chaplain to be very involved with school activities, such as field trips and sporting events. “Chaplains who already have a job outside of school would like to continue their job and start as the school’s chaplain in the spring,” says Mrs. Valerie Riddle, who composes the weekly chapel services. Mrs. Valerie would like to have a chaplain who is “a team player who has everyone’s back”. She also believes our chaplain should, “respect our community and live life in Christ’s name.”


When Upper School students were asked about what qualities they want in a chaplain, most students and teachers  said they “want a chaplain who will be there when we need them the most, one who will support the students and faculty.” Lilly Maple says “I want a Chaplain who is open minded, who is supportive and accepting of our thoughts and beliefs”.  Students also want a chaplain who is “engaging with their sermons in chapel, one who relates to students, and one who understands the Bible and who is uplifting in spirit”. Chaplains are engaging when they tell stories, ask people to imagine/ picture things, and also they engage with the congregation when they keep and hold your attention. They can keep your attention if they ask people different questions about the stuff people think and people’s opinions about the lessons of the bible.  

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