The CCES Stage Takes its Final Bow

The CCES Auditorium

After many years of hosting plays, musicals, presentations, concerts, and at one time chapel services, the CCES auditorium is taking its final bow. The site is set to be demolished this upcoming summer and plans to build a new arts center are already in place. Anyone who has performed in the auditorium has been welcomed into the theater family with open arms. As the 2013-2014 school year is wrapping up, students and faculty must say goodbye to the beloved theater they’ve known for over 15 years. Students have come and gone, but one thing remains constant; the legacy they’ve left in the auditorium. Sitting in the audience is completely different from being backstage. From an audience member’s perspective, the theater is formal and neat. However, stepping backstage is to step into another world, backstage is anything but formal and neat. The walls are filled with graffiti from top to bottom, the mess of costumes is scattered about, and there are props everywhere. But the theater family wouldn’t have it any other way. Although it is messy and chaotic, the backstage area is filled with memories and good times. As the CCES community says farewell to the beloved auditorium, here is just some of the history made.