Video: Mame Makes Her Way to the Stage


After much consideration, the theater team was proud to announce that the winter musical for this year would be “Mame.”Everyone’s hard work will soon pay off opening night, Thursday, March 11th, 2014. One can buy tickets online for any of the shows and this year it’s possible to reserve seats. The show’s rating is PG-13 and the rate for students is 10$ while adults is 15$.

“Mame” is a vintage play that depicts the culture and high life of the 1920’s. The musical tells the life story of Auntie Mame (Mame Dennis), played by Maggie Hamberis. She lives the high life in New York during the “Roaring Twenties.” Her life is seemingly perfect, filled with ostentatious parties attended by Bohemian guest. Tragically, Mame’s life comes to a halt when her brother dies and her nephew, Patrick Dennis (played by Kevin, a seventh grader), is placed in her care. Although Patrick, a young boy coming of age, acquired a large inheritance from his father, he is introduced to the unconventional lifestyle of Mame. Because of Patrick’s young age, his father’s money comes with a trustee, Mr. Babcock, played by Jack Evans. Mr. Babcock insists that Patrick’s life be filled with discipline and rules. Eventually Mr. Babcock enrolls Patrick in a prep school, which denies Mame access to see Patrick with the exception of special holidays. Soon after, Mame loses all her money in the great stock crash of 1929 and is forced to work for herself. The musical goes onto continue the life story of Mame.

Auditions for the play took place in November. Each person who audition was required to sing a song, perform dance, and recite a monologue. Caroline Vermillion, a junior and long time theater participant, says that “a lot of new kids have come out this year, so it’s not just the normal group of theater kids.” Having new faces and personalities has added to the stage this year. Although the cast and crew have worked extremely hard, there have been setbacks. Molly Aiken, the director of the musical, says that “the snow week really took time away.” However, despite the setbacks, the team has come together and worked even harder to pull off an amazing production.