Student Council Changes Homecoming Philosophy

Homecoming starts next week, but this year should be very different from homecomings in the past. While many of the events are fun and new, the biggest change for 2017 is the service aspect of homecoming. In the past, Homecoming has mainly just been a fundraising competition with other schools. This year student council felt that while past years did a good job raising money, they were not as focused on the true spirit of homecoming as they should have been.


I had an opportunity to sit down with Harris Sierra and talk about this year’s homecoming. Hariss is student body vice president and played a large role in planning next week. When I asked Harris about homecoming, the first thing he thought of was community service. Student council wanted to change our entire way of thinking about homecoming and service. Harris said


“We’re focusing on not just dumping a bunch of money somewhere … we’re bringing a new philosophy this year of volunteerism and going out into the community and making an impact.”


Proceeds from Homecoming will go to thrive upstate this year. Thrive upstate is a local charity that helps disabled adults. Their mission statement is:


“To provide all people with disabilities and special needs with meaningful services, opportunities, and support, so they may thrive in life, work and play.”


Thrive Upstate focuses on helping disabled people live full lives by giving them support and opportunity. CCES will spend Wednesday volunteering at Thrive Upstate. Harris Sierra says:


“It’s a great charity. They help disabled adults and the adults love it.”


All and all, this should be a fun homecoming. Harris made sure to tell me that the student council put a lot of thought into the events and service. Everyone should go to as many events as they can a remember that it’s all for a good cause.