Nick Ring: Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence Nick Ring works with Mrs. Abrams’s 5th period IB Art Class (Darcy Merline / Staff Photo).

Nick Ring: Artist in Residence The CCES Art Department kicked off second semester by hosting Nick Ring as the Artist in Residence. Nick Ring, an award winning commission artist, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1988. He then attended New York Academy of Art where he cultivated his talent as a sculptor. Aside from sculpture, Ring explores other mediums, including painting, drawing and furniture design. He and his wife, Christine, maintain studios in both Greenville, South Carolina, and Jasper, Indiana.

Ring assisted most classes in creating life-size head sculptures. First, he demonstrated his artistic process. After observing, the students worked on their own sculptures. Additionally, he helped the AP art class with drawing the life-size head figures. Nell Gray Rasmussen, a senior in the AP art class, described Ring’s teaching method. “He teaches by showing,” she explained.

Eva Solo, a sophomore in the IB art class, has enjoyed the new advice Nick Ring has offered to her class. “It’s been challenging to work with new dimensions, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding,” she shared. The entire CCES Art Department is appreciative of the Arts Guild for sponsoring the Artist in Residence program each January.