Actress Heather Ho Visits Christ Church

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Have you ever wanted to be famous or to see your face up on the big screen? How about move to LA and try to make a name for yourself, or maybe just get involved in the entertainment industry? If this applies to you, then you were most definitely in the drama room on the afternoon of Friday, April 25th to talk with actress Heather Horton, better known as Heather Ho.

During Spring break, Mr. Sanders was in Los Angeles and happened to see a Palmetto sticker on the back of someone’s car, so he struck up a conversation with the driver. It turned out that the car owner was actress Heather Horton, and she gladly agreed to come and speak at Christ Church the next time she was in Greenville. Horton is no newcomer to Greenville, for she was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, which is only 30 minutes away from Christ Church.

When Horton came to CCES, she spent the afternoon talking with students about her experience of moving to LA and about her acting career. The room was all smiles and laughs since Horton is an expert in comedy. All of her stories were entertaining as well as informative to students who might be interested in the entertainment industry. Horton has always had a knack for comedy but knew that she also had to have a career to fall back on if she was not successful in acting. Horton graduated with a degree in physical theory, and when she entered the field, she realized that acting was her true passion. She decided to move to LA and never look back. She is still a physical therapist during the week, but she acts on nights and weekends, performing stand-up comedy, small films, and some television series.

Her Christ Church visit ended with playing improv games, which the students thoroughly enjoyed. The students thank Horton for the wonderful afternoon and wish her the best of luck with her future acting endeavors.