The Beat: Miley Cyrus Cancels Charlotte Concert


Monday, April 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Miley Cyrus spontaneously canceled her sold-out concert twenty minutes before the show would have started. For Miley, this was just a minor setback, but for the thousands of devoted teenagers waiting outside the Time Warner Cable Arena for a concert that would never happen, this was the disappointment of a lifetime.

Supposedly Miley couldn’t perform that night because she had a bad case of the flu, but her skeptical fans continue to question this claim. Less than a week ago, Miley’s dog Floyd was attacked and killed by a coyote. She announced Floyd’s death on Twitter, exclaiming that the “unbearable” loss has left her “broken.” Some believe that this tragedy is the real reason behind Miley cancelling her concert and that she wasn’t sick from the flu but sick from the death of her dog. Also, Miley still performed the next night on April 8 in Raleigh, which raises even more suspicion that this was a fake illness, for even a superstar cannot possibly recover from the flu in one night.

Many of our own Christ Church students fell victim to this major disappointment as well. High schoolers, such as Nicole Seay and Isabella Stark, were willing to dedicate a school night to going to the Bangerz concert and were ultimately let down by their favorite popstar. When asked about the concert, Nicole replied, “I was so excited about this concert for such a long time. I even had a countdown on my phone since the fall.” She also doubts that Miley had the flu that night and believes that Miley could have performed her show. Although Nicole and Isabella both feel “really annoyed” by the whole ordeal, they are still huge Miley fans and would still go to one of her concerts in the future.

Miley’s cancellation not only disappointed her fans that night but also caused many families to lose money. Fortunately those who bought tickets directly on the phone or online received an immediate refund, but those who bought tickets indirectly from other sources will never get fully reimbursed. In addition to concert tickets, several families booked hotel rooms and bought plane tickets. For example, one girl flew in all the way from Chicago, expecting to have a meet and greet with Miley Cyrus, but instead it was all for nothing.

Even though most ticket holders were able to get some money back, nothing can make up for the disappointment that Miley caused her fans. A cancelled concert is harsh reality for a family who has dedicated time and money towards it, and it is especially hard on the teenagers who have been waiting months for one show. Hopefully Miley understands the trouble she has caused her fans and will make an effort to never let it happen again.