Christmas Chrismon Style

Caroline Andrews, Feature Editor

From the smallest Primer to the most established Faculty Member, the entire CCES community came together for a service of music, worship, and celebration of Christmas Break on December 3. This celebration was centered around the explanation of the Chrismon ornaments that hung from the tree.

A representative from each class in the Lower School helped explain the chosen Chrismon ornaments, and other lower school students walked with the Chrismons, showing them to theĀ  Christ Church student body. The Chrismon ornaments included many Christian symbols like a butterfly, a lyre and a fish.

Along with the Chrismon symbol presentation, the Chrismon service featured musical performances from each division at CCES. The middle school choir sang a number of songs with the help of the the middle school and upper school band and orchestra. Following these numbers, the lower school choirs performed, and other lower school students accompanied on the xylophone.

The highlight of the musical performances were a series of songs by the Upper School choir. The female members were adorned in their traditional black chorus dresses, and the male members wore tuxedos. They performed three classic Christmas hymns, which were also featured in the Winter Choir Concert.

A cherished tradition of the CCES Chrismon Service is the speech from Saint Nicolas. This year, senior John Morgan Ramirez was the Patron Saint of Children. After a closing prayer by Father Richard, another successful Chrismon service came to a close.