The Chill at CCES

As the second semester rolls through for Upper School students, the initiation of the “CC CHILL” has begun.  The Chill is a movement that began at other schools.  It is a morning service dedicated to worshipping God and discussing the challenges of the week in hopes that the community is brought closer together as one as a result.

The CC Chill was founded by seniors who wanted to offer amazing themes and messages about Christianity. Senior Cole Berube is the one who came up with the idea to start this new club and went to Upper School teachers Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Misenhiemer to help support him.

The CC Chill opened on January 13th in the Performing Arts Center and has continued to meet there every Friday since. The show highlights students music abilities as well. At different meetings, Thomas Barksdale has played guitar, Myka Young has displayed her angelic vocals, and Marian Geary has played the piano. Speakers have included Berube and fellow seniors Matthew Mahaffey, Caroline Henderson, and Ryan Putnam who offered their personal experiences to resonate with the students in attendance. Although this club does meet at 7:15 am at the end of the week, it is certainly worth it to get out of bed and finish the school week right. After all, this inclusive club often provides breakfast for its guests.

On February 17th, the CC Chill met once again. The week’s speaker was a special guest to Christ Church, Rob Night.  Night is a Furman graduate and a close friend to the core of the club. Night discussed two ways to view yourself: through the eyes and word of God or through the opinions and judgments of others. Night sympathized with his audience and admitted that he too sometimes lets up to ninety-five percent of his day be run by the opinions of others instead of God’s. He stated that the audience should all strive for that percentage to be zero. He told the crowd that the happiest version of themselves is possible through God’s messages in the Bible. Many teenagers spend insane amounts of time on social media, wishing to be like others rather than our true selves. This time can be damaging to one’s perception of himself, and Night did a great job of reminding the audience of that. He ended his talk by challenging the students to all “turn and face Jesus instead of backing into him.”