CCES Thanksgiving

For Christ Church Upper School students, Thanksgiving marks not only one of America’s favorite holidays but also the beginning of the end for the first semester. The day provides a time of much needed rest before winter exams and students are able to spend time with family.

Many CCES students stayed home for the break and reunited with loved ones in their own homes. Senior Jordan Varat was excited to see her older sister who came home from college. Others traveled either to visit relatives or just to take advantage of the days off. Sophomore Christa Bailey watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the streets of New York City. She says her family takes a trip to New York every year, but it was special to be there during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is recognized as a time to indulge in lots of traditional holiday foods with each family boasting their own recipe as the best. Senior Mary Wallace Martin says her favorite Thanksgiving food is the macaroni she and her mom make while Emma Grover claims her Aunt Pattie’s mac and cheese is supreme. Other traditions are unique to individual families. Freshman Nathan DePiero looks forward to an annual game of Manhunt between the kids in his family and kids in his friends’ families.

Thanksgiving also kicks off the holiday season with Christmas only a short month away. Emma Grover said, “we always get our Christmas tree like two days after Thanksgiving.” Christa Bailey thinks it is never too early to listen to Christmas music. She said, “all year is ok; I love Christmas music!” Jordan Varat at least tries to be wary of starting the festivities too soon. She said, “low-key I want to think it is too early to listen to Christmas music, but I did the other day.”