Christ Church Represented in State House

Father of CCES student was elected in June.

Jason Elliott’s campaign logo (

The reach of the Christ Church community extends to a variety of fields including music, the NFL, and politics across South Carolina and the country. Some examples of this reach are notable alumnus Knox White, the mayor of greenville since 1995, and Jason Elliott, father of CCES senior Barnes Elliott.

Elliott will be sworn into office this fall as congressman of the 22nd district of the South Carolina House of Representatives, coming off an election in which he deposed the sitting incumbent Wendy Nanney. Elliott was seen as a long shot going up against a three term congresswoman. He was encouraged to run a campaign by fellow compatriots in opposition to Nanney’s inactivity in office. Elliott ran with the message that he would further conservative principles and would not take the voter’s support for granted. This message landed with the people of District 22 as he took almost 60% of the vote. Nanney’s absences during important votes were the centerpiece in Elliott’s case against her re-election.

Elliott, however, was not a negative candidate, running only on the flaws of his opponent but focusing on issues resonating with the voters as well. Elliott made fixing the infrastructure of South Carolina a priority. According to his website, Elliott believes that:

“Our roads and bridges are crumbling and have been for some time. While there is no easy solution to this issue, we must find ways to fund and rebuild our roads and bridges without hurting South Carolinians’ wallets.”

Elliott hopes to be an accountable, conservative voice who will be serving our state for many years to come.