Promposal Season


It is the best of times; it is the most stressful of times. The only thing better than prom season is promposal season. When promposals begin, the prama begins as well.

Junior Schuyler O’Brien was the first to kick off the fun and games on February 1st. He asked junior Alexandria Leland at her church basketball championship game. It seems like boys resented his decision because they have to start asking while the girls praised it because they can begin to make preparations for the big night.

After Schuyler’s promposal, the junior boys followed his lead with a string of proposals that occurred within the course of the next few days. However, the senior boys were nowhere to be seen.

Finally after several weeks, Zach Epting broke the ice and was the first senior to pop the question. He asked Hannah Shelley one day during lunch with a cookie cake that had “Prom?” iced on it.

At this point, a lot of people have been asked to prom, but there is still a fair amount of people who have not yet figured out their prom dates.

This week, the prom chairs, Olivia Fox, Kathleen Ashmore and Bralie Runge, announced that the theme for this year’s prom is “A Night in Shanghai”. The girls have put in a lot of work throughout the year, raising money and preparing for the big night. Fox said that they were considering Joy of Tokyo as a catering option. The girls are super excited for “A Night in Shanghai”. Fox mockingly said, “I will be sporting a traditional Chinese kimono and my hair will be worn in chopsticks.”

As the night approaches students finalize their dates, dresses and details. A Night in Shanghai will surely be one to remember!