Freshmen Travel to Cincinnati

Mystery Trip 2015

Freshmen enjoyed watching the Reds and Dodgers play at the Great American Ball Park (Logan Bradley/Staff Photo).

On Monday, August 24th, the 9th grade class headed out on the annual Mystery Trip. After an eight hour bus ride through the night, we pulled up at a Golden Corral in Cincinnati, Ohio on Tuesday, the 25th. During our short but exciting trip, we went to the Underground Railroad Museum, The Cincinnati Zoo, and a Major League Baseball game.

The Underground Railroad Museum was extremely fascinating.  In school, we all had learned about the Underground Railroad.  However, during our tour, we got an inside look on how it came to be and why it worked so effectively.  Many students enjoyed the museum; however, Lucy Kehl, a student who has been at Christ Church since primer, said, “it was my least favorite event because it was long and depressing.” 

After the museum, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.  We saw a variety of animals that cannot be found at the Greenville Zoo.  Mrs. Misenheimer, the new Spanish teacher at CCES, said, “I love the zoo because of all the different kinds of animals.” These animals included polar bears, red pandas, manatees, rhinos, and other unique animals.  Many of the students also had a chance to feed the giraffes and take pictures with them.  Something different about the Cincinnati Zoo was that there was a movie theater in the center of it.  Our 9th grade class was lucky enough to see a 4-D movie in this theater, and everyone thought the experience was very neat. 

Our last stop was at a Reds baseball game.  Even though the Reds lost to the Dodgers 7-4, everyone had a great time. Elliot, a new student at CCES said, “ the baseball game was my favorite part of the trip because I really love baseball, and I had never been to a Major League Baseball game before.”  One cool thing about the game was that we were on TV!  A Fox Sports news host came to where we were sitting and interviewed our friend Adelaide about our Mystery Trip.  We were even on the big screen a few times too. 

Sleeping in a hotel for the night was our final surprise.  This arrangement may not sound all that exciting, but after spending hours on a bus, everyone was thrilled to be able to take a shower and sleep in a warm bed.

Overall, the Mystery Trip was fun, exciting and a great bonding experience between the new and returning students at Christ Church.  Everyone seemed to enjoy Cincinnati and all of the activities that we did.  The 9th grade Mystery Trip was an awesome way to kick off the school year with new students and new friends!