CCES Faculty Fantasy Football: The Race For The Trophy


When Will Amarante walks into his office, something catches the corner of his eye. Glistening on the shelf behind his desk is a 24 inch silver trophy, presenting a winged figure victoriously holding a torch above her head. The wooden base of the trophy displays a silver plaque reading “CCES Fantasy Football Champion”. To the left of that plaque sits a smaller panel with an engraving of Mr. Amarante’s name. The trophy was given in honor of an impressive feat, a 17-0 undefeated season from Mr. Amarante’s fantasy team “Saquon’s Quads”. 

“He’s the LeBron of the league,” explains an anonymous source, “He’s dominant and everyone wants to see him fall. And this year, I hope I’m the guy to do it”. 

The competition is intense and, unlike countless meaningless fantasy leagues where members stop updating their lineups by Week 4, the staff league remains competitive all season. 

Last year, Mr. Amarante coasted to victory in the CCES Faculty Fantasy Football league. This season, everyone wants to stand in his way.

“The race for the waiver wire is always wild,” reports Mr. Kitteredge, who has enjoyed a 5-0 start, courtesy of a strong running back trio of Christian McCaffery, Dalvin Cook, and Aaron Jones. His undefeated start positions him as an early favorite to win this year’s trophy, but in such a tight league, it’s anyone’s game.

An anonymous source has cited Mr. Lauber and Mr. Clarke as potential dark horses, picking up Ws in “all the games they need to win”. Mr Lauber’s “Laubdogs” pulled off the first big upset of the year, defeating Mr. Amarante’s squad for the first time since September 9, 2018. Mr. Lauber’s win was a huge statement for the future of the league. Like the Warriors’ loss in the NBA finals this year, it seems that the mighty have fallen. Mr. Amarante, after slipping against Mr. Lauber, dropped another game to Mr. Kittredge’s team, indicating a level of parity not before seen in the league. At 3-2, Mr. Amarante is reportedly “grasping at straws” to reach his former level of strength. Yet he still maintains that, “at the end of the day, there’s only one name engraved on that trophy. And that’s [his].” 

As the ongoing war that is fantasy football season rages on, the season hangs in the balance. All predictions are still mere speculation and the volatility of the fantasy season will deliver both crushing losses and glorious victories. As the league pecking order takes shape,  CCES News will be with you every step of the way, delivering updates on the latest Faculty Fantasy Football news.