Lady Cavs Capture 5th State Title


The Christ Church Girls Basketball team captured their 5th State title since 2008 in an intense and aggressive win over Mullins High School at Colonial Life Arena last week. For upperclassmen Dickerson, Erica Harris, and Marissa Powe, this game couldn’t have been more important. After narrowly missing the State Championship last season, and falling to Mullins in the title game in 2017, a win over Mullins was priceless. The Lady Cavs came into the game prepared for a tough, scrappy fight

And a tough, scrappy fight it was.

Both teams were incredibly physical and played at an intensity you would only see in a State Championship game. When Mullins upped their physicality, the Cavs were right there with them. In an appropriate, almost symbolic turn of events, Senior Emmy Dickerson found herself cartwheeling over a Mullins guard in a scramble for a loose ball.

The aggressive game plan led to leading scorers Marissa Powe and McCall King, who combined for 26 points in the game, to find themselves in foul trouble, with Powe fouling out in the 3rd quarter, and King joining her in the early 4th. The team didn’t allow themselves to be discouraged by losing their scoring leaders. Senior Erica Harris lead the team’s final effort with 10 4th quarter points.

Though Christ Church struggled to connect from deep (shooting just 7.7% from 3), an 83% mark from the free throw line was crucial during the home stretch of the game. In a game defined by aggression and physicality, it was Christ Church’s ability to stay composed at the charity stripe (where they had plenty of opportunities to connect) that resulted in the Lady Cavs’ 3rd State championship since 2015.