Mirai Nagasu Makes History With Triple Axel


Within the first 30 seconds of her freestyle program, Mirai Nagasu stunned viewers by landing a historic Triple Axel. She is the first american woman and the third in history to land this difficult jump in Olympic figure skating history, following Japan’s Midori Ito in 1992 and Mao Asada in 2010.


The Triple Axel is one of the most difficult jumps out of the six being performed at the 2018 Olympics and it is the only front facing jump in figure skating. Nagasu is the third American woman to complete this jump in competition following Tonya Harding in 1994 and Kimmie Meissner in 2005, and had been practicing this jump for years. Leading up to her Olympic performance, Nagasu said that the risky jump was “worth going down in history for.” She had anticipated the jump for months, saying that in practice “it’s a very consistent jump” for her and that “it was very satisfying” when she landed it in her program.


The final scores for the women’s team figure skating for the 2018 Olympics placed Canada in first for the gold with 73 points, Olympic athletes from Russia in silver with 66 points, and team USA in bronze with 62 points.