Man Buns Taking Christ Church by Storm

Jared Leto has the quintessential example of a man bun (

Man buns. You either love them or hate them, but what do students in the Christ Church Upper School think about them?

Man buns are a huge new hair trend taking the world by storm. A man bun is made when a man puts his hair in a ponytail, takes his hair halfway through the last time wrapping it up, and then wraps his hair around the bun. The man bun is not a new trend, though. The man bun has been worn by men for thousands of years. Hair buns have been worn by men since the early times of vikings and by Roman soldiers if their hair was too long. The man bun was always worn near the nape of the neck until recently when the man bun trend caught on and now the bun is worn near the vertex of the head.

The man bun trend started in 2013 but never fully took off until 2014. The man bun trend was started by men with undercuts looking to differentiate themselves between other men with undercuts. The man bun trend became big in 2014 when Jared Leto started wearing a man bun while trying a new look for himself.

There are two different of styles of the man bun including the “semi bun” and the “full bun.” The semi bun is typically worn with an undercut haircut or a contouring haircut as it accentuates the bun. The semi bun is usually worn when growing out the hair on top of the head while keeping the sides short. The full bun is worn by men with long hair typically down to their shoulders or longer. The full bun is done by making a semi bun and wrapping the hair around it as to not leave any loose hairs or to ruin the look of the bun. Christ Church Junior John Schmitt said, “It’s like a lifestyle. Your whole life revolves around your hair.”

Man buns have become the “hip new thing,” and Christ Church students have caught on to this trend. While they might not be loved by everyone, they are not going away anytime soon.