Absences and Illnesses at CCES

Absences and Illnesses at CCES

Rafe Reynolds, Staff Writer

With the leaves falling and temperatures dropping, we find ourselves at the most dreaded time of the year, flu season. Typically, we begin to see mass absences this time of the year, but I have noticed that the past few years the number of absences during flu season has dropped. Unfortunately, this is not due to better hygiene by students, but rather; CCES students coming to school when they are not at full health. This is usually due to the fear of falling behind on schoolwork. However, I am here to tell you that this is an unnecessary fear, and your health is much more important than any schoolwork.

Christ Church has a generous policy for those who miss school due to an unplanned absence. Students can wait several days to take a quiz or test after an a absence. It is difficult to miss crucial review days, but teachers are always available before or after school to help you catch up on missed work. It is also easy to get missed notes from a classmate, and teachers frequently check their emails to answer any questions you have during your missed time. Due to Schoology, there is no problem seeing what assignments you need to complete. Even so, you will receive extra time to complete tasks that were assigned during your missed time.

Even though it is not difficult to make up assignments, tests, and notes; you and your classmates health is much more important. Schools are one of the most common places for germs to spread. By students coming to school sick, the risk of germs spreading only increases. Students often have important events going on that they need to be healthy for, and students coming to school sick only makes people miss more time.

Students can also do their best to prevent the spread of germs while at school. This starts with simply washing your hands. It sounds like something teachers tell their first graders, but way too often, I see students leave the bathroom without washing their room. Surprisingly, you do not become immune to germs when you reach high school.

By washing your hands and not coming to school sick, students can greatly improve the overall health of the Christ Church community. At the end of the day, your health is much more important than any schoolwork.